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Request for Feedback 1:43 Armor Models in 2009

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2008-11-26 Request for Feedback 1:43 Armor Models in 2009
I would like to seek your input for 2009 production plans of limited edition (20 copies of each) 1:43 scale resin armor similar in quality to YVS Models (MZKT). We have estimated the price of these models to be in the $200-$300 range. Our options include all tanks, APCs, IFVs and vehicles on their chassis.

Custom-built models and smaller runs are available. Please contact us with your requests.

Production of each type will start with a single modificaiton and may be extended to different modifications.

Current short list:

Below is the list of the major armored vehicles that we thought we may produce next year. This list is not final, any input is welcome:

  • Soviet Tank T-34
  • Soviet Tank T-44
  • Soviet Tank T-54/55
  • Soviet Tank T-62
  • Soviet Tank T-64
  • Soviet Tank T-72
  • Soviet Tank T-80
  • Soviet Tank T-90
  • Soviet Amphibious Tank PT-76
  • Russian Tank Black Eagle

  • Soviet Tracked BTR-50
  • Soviet Wheeled BTR-60
  • Soviet Wheeled BTR-70
  • Soviet Wheeled BTR-80
  • Russian Wheeled BPM-97 - already in production
  • Czech OT-64 (SKOT)