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NEWS: Russian 1:43 Bulldozers

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2001-02-11 NEWS: Russian 1:43 Bulldozers
Here are pictures of the "Russian Caterpillar" - Chelyabinsky Traktorny Zavod. Models are 1:43 scale, limited edition available in Caterpillar yellow and army green. Prices include shipping from Russian worldwide. Please contact webmaster for details.

TG-402 $350

DET-350B1R2 $300

P4.01.01 $200

Ural-5323-21 $50 (wholesale 10+ of each only)

TR-20.01.01 $300

TR-12.10.03 $200

T-10 $50 (wholesale 10+ of each only)

B-10.02E $50 (wholesale 10+ of each only)

B-10.02ER $50 (wholesale 10+ of each only)

B-10.02EN $50 (wholesale 10+ of each only)