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You have to consider this...

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2001-07-27 You have to consider this...
First of all the shipping prices they quoted are a very expensive.
For door-to-door delivery to Australia from Moscow I paid only US$20 for a parcel with 12 models+packaging(around 1 kg).
But that was
Another thing to watch out for is that they don>t accept credit cards.
I mean if something goes wrong it will be very difficult to get your money (or part of it) back.
Plus direct transfers cost a lot more than credit card payment (check with your bank).
And finally. When I received my parcel from some of the models where
damaged. They come in very flimsy paper boxes (AGAT and ELECON models) and the models inside are not
fixed to the boxes so they wobble all over the box while being delivered. But then you might get lucky.
Anyway those area few things to consider when ordering from Russia.